The beginning, the muddle, and the end.

Yes, that ‘u’ is intentional.

Why a blog for my PhD?

Why not?

Blogs can work in a variety of ways. They can record, diary-like. They can share ideas, encourage discussion, even, promote the self. I don’t truly know how this one is going to work out. I have had others, and one is still live , if you feel like taking a look.

The idea for this one came out of a discussion with my PhD Supervisor, Mike Neary. He is a marvel, and a tech-savvy one at that. He blogs too. He had an idea that blogging my way through the plotting out of my literature review and other aspects of my research would aid me in reducing the size of the task before me. I think he might be right; it feels comfortable, sensible, to do this. I expect to get confused, frustrated, distracted, disaffected – to feel the ‘muddle’. But I also expect excitement, satisfaction, maybe even pride – to reach an end.

So, for now, I will leave you with this:

Writing to a trusted reader is not a statement from the dock but an invitation to dance, offering a sympathetic partner the chance to play with your text, to hear its harmonies, to note its dissonances, to make it part of their own experience, to put it in motion, to realise its possibilities. 

Game, A. and Metcalf, A. (1996Passionate Sociology London: Sage p.33

‘Til next time.


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