I am Leoarna, and I am doing a PhD. That isn’t so remarkable these days. Before I was an academic (whatever one of those is), I did a lot of blogging. So when my supervisor suggested I blog my way through the next four years ( I am studying part-time, and have completed a year already) it made a lot of sense.

Blogging can be a lot of things. Egotistical, private, cathartic, exploratory. I have found the trick is to have no expectation of an audience, or the type of audience. You just never know who is – or isn’t – going to read it.

This place will be part reflection, part literature review, part ‘space to craft ideas’, part response to the world of HE – given that the focus of my studies centres on the changing nature of HE in the English context. Though I don’t want to predict too much where this place might lead me, I do have the strong sense that it will be useful – and that is enough, for now.

You can find me on twitter @leoarnawrites and email me LMathias@staff.newman.ac.uk